The Scope Project is a duo from Bedford, England. The pair consists of Matt Jarman and Rob Collins. Their sound is highly textural, cinematic, and melodic, making for a truly intriguing and forward-thinking blend of influences.

The group’s recordings explore genres as diverse as post-rock and shoegaze, with a focus on creating cinematic overtones and suggestive soundscapes. In addition to that, their music is also home to poetic, visionary lyrics, which brings a retro twist to the mix. This is all complemented by a dramatic compilation of high production music videos on screen.


Released in 2012, “‘Reflection’ is a beautiful thirteen track debut album carefully conceived by the two young musicians that conjures up their distinctive sound and lyrical world. An excellent collection of song, that takes eons to digest, which is most certainly welcome in these days of disposable music. It boasts many faces, with experimental moods punctuating it constantly. With superb sound quality,’ Reflection’ pours light and shade across all forty minutes. Elements of pop abandon sometimes lyrically twisted and skewed. Their rich, lush vocal arrangements make it something of a revelation. The melodies and lyrical stories seem to embed themselves into my consciousness, so much so that a few of them become totally addictive and memorable. – Martin Stapleton


Released in 2016, “Scope Project’s “Atmosphere” opts for a cinematic scope, a rock opera of the highest caliber. Incorporation of classic rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, with a tinge of classical, the entirety of the collection feels infused with tremendous energy. A true celebration of life the entire album transports the listener on a mystical journey one where every single horn, guitar, and beat is carefully considered. By far the highlight comes from their poetic storytelling.

Post-rock influences open the collection up with the gigantic “Clear Mind”. Aptly named, there is a meditative presence to it, a mixture of melody with a hint of madness slowly melting away. Going for a quieter approach is the tenderness of the title track, the hopeful work of “Atmosphere”. By keeping things to the essentials, the song’s melody feels crystal clear, the lyrics particularly poignant. Full of love the track comes into bloom in the best way possible. A fine buildup defines the muscular piano playing of “Hopeless Romances”. Nearly hushed the jazz-like glow of “Trouble With Me” keeps it all to the essentials, forgoing traditional rhythm for something a bit simpler. Easily the highlight of the collection ends the collection with the tremendous power of “Hiding In Plain Sight” which at times feels reminiscent of the Who in the best possible way. – Beach Sloth


Released in 2019, Soundwaves is The Scope Project’s third studio album. The result of two years of work, this is poetry turned into music and chanted in 12 deep and vibrant songs. Soundwaves is a whirlwind of sensations, feelings, and memories which will move you.

Matt and Rob duet practically in all the tracks on the album and they do it with masterful care and attention to detail. There is an impeccable sensitivity in balancing the relationship between the lead and the background vocal, a role that they constantly switch around. The product of a single mind, their duet sounds like a single voice, splendidly rich in nuances that continually change  which is the artistic signature of The Scope Project.

Stepping inside ‘Soundwaves’ the tracks of the album play out like an opera composed of vivid acts. Penetrating the meanings transmitted by their lyrics, piece after piece they change clothes. The Scope Project convey feelings and situations that mirror what each of us can easily find in our own lives. The emotional spheres through which we are transported show that life is made not only of affection and love, but also of loneliness and failures. Yet, The Scope Project manage to probe all these meanders in a touching and delicate way. Their lyrics are capable of filling the empty spaces left by words that we have always wanted to hear, but never received.

The Scope Project are architects of their music. They shape and sculpt it, constructing songs with arrangements of remarkable instrumental performances, with a commendable balance, shrewd and masterfully sealed in the recording process. – Nova Music